Cycling around Osoyoos, B.C. in late November

I ride my Rad Power RadMini foldable e-bike on 89th Street north of Osoyoos in this selfie taken with a timer. The bike’s fat tires are excellent when riding off pavement. (Richard McGuire Photo)

I don’t normally post daily bike rides to social media as some people do with apps like Strava.

It can appear self indulgent — kind of like posting photos of your breakfast — and when I ride I’m more focused on getting exercise and enjoying the scenery than recording my ride.

I’m making an exception today because:

  • We’ve had a spell of gorgeous weather in Osoyoos, B.C. in the South Okanagan with temperatures at the end of November and early December climbing into the teens Celsius;
  • My ride on November 29, 2021, marked 5,000 km since I got my Rad Power RadMini foldable fat-tire e-bike in July 2020. That’s about the distance of Osoyoos to New Brunswick;
  • I recently got a Nikon Z6ii mirrorless camera that’s light enough I can take it on rides and shoot images with something other than my phone;
  • We live in a truly outstanding bicycling part of Canada and I want to encourage more locals to get out and ride and people elsewhere to consider a cycling holiday here in the South Okanagan.

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